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About us

In 1973, IBG Canada introduced the Rain Screen Principle to skylights, which subsequently revolutionized the construction of custom glazed structures.

Developed as an effective, foolproof condensation control system, the Rain Screen Principle, through standardization of all component designs, is easily adaptable to a wide range of skylight applications; and remains effective in even the most severe climatic conditions.

A good indicator of a successful company is their ability to remain on the leading edge of innovation, design and construction. If this is true then one could agree that IBG Canada Ltd. is truly a leader in the glazed structure market.

Since 1964, IBG has used proven technology and unparalleled craftsmanship to remain a leader in the industry. This is backed by their extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects worldwide.

The ability to create structural glass masterpieces, on time and within budget, has put IBG Canada in the forefront of the North American industry.

Skylighting has become a predominant feature in the design of buildings throughout the world.

Innovative designs and quality craftsmanship are just few of the reasons why IBG Canada is a leader in this evergrowing segment of the glazed structure market.

The same technology which is common to the large scale glazed structure projects throughout the world has been incorporated into a highly competitive residential and commercial renovation market which IBG Canada now services.

This includes spectacular skylight designs and all season sunrooms, backed by IBG Canada's sterling reputation for quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

West Edmonton Mall Pool Skylight
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada